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Enhancing Digital Marketing Strategy: Why Video Content is a Must Have


Enhancing Digital Marketing Strategy: Why Video Content is a Must Have

Did you know, the average adult in the United States spends close to six hours each day watching video?


It’s true. YouTube, I tube, we all tube.


So much so, in fact, that HubSpot reported 55% of people consume some type of video content each day. Fun fact(s), the majority of people use mobile devices to consume content and 51% of all videos played are viewed on a mobile device.


People watch videos for different reasons. Whether it’s to get a review of a product (roughly 50% of users are looking for a video related to a product or service) or to learn a new skill (86% of YouTube users search for an educational tutorial) or if someone is looking for entertainment, people are seeking a virtual relationship with the information they consume. Not to mention, Wirebuzz found people retain 95% of a message if they see it in a video format.


Did you know, social video content is responsible for 1200% more shares than posts with just text or images combined?


Marketers, if you’re not getting in on this action, you need to!


Here are some examples of when video content helped enhance ad campaigns across different industries:

“1. Domino’s: “Paving for Pizza” Campaign ”

Why it works: The connection between the food and beverage industry and road pavement infrastructure doesn’t typically strike consumers as going hand-in-hand, but Domino’s made it work by positioning themselves as the friendly, reliable neighbor whom you can depend on in your time of need. We’re already weary of teenage pizza delivery drivers and the condition we’ll receive our food in, so this campaign makes sense without even considering its underlying implication of corporate social responsibility. While it’s not the most exciting video content, the idea that pizza “paves” the way only goes so far without the visual of a paver truck smoothing down asphalt.

“2. Santander Bank: “Cut to Card” Campaign”

Why it works: Society’s impatience is rapidly growing, as is our intolerability for advertising getting in the way of what Facebook video we’re watching. In a world where information is accessible almost instantaneously, the lack of transparency we sometimes receive from our banks can be frustrating. For a relatively cut-and-dry industry, Santander’s campaign indirectly approaches the “banks don’t usually reflect on their customers’ feelings” and “we understand you’re annoyed with long video ads you can’t skip” conversations, while serving us a refreshing, 6-second video that presents the humor in all of it.

“3. RIMMEL: “Scandaleyes WOW Wings Mascara” Campaign”

Why it works: Some people believe looks don’t matter. RIMMEL disagrees with that statement. Their videos feature beautiful, young women who are in the know on the latest styles. It’s hard to grasp the idea of elongated eyelashes coming from a tube unless you watch a neon-spandex-wearing millennial effortlessly apply the product to her lashes. In this industry, though, visuals are the reason campaigns are memorable. The upbeat music, camera angles, and funky fashions make it hard to not stay stimulated when this ad pops up as YouTube pre-roll.


Let’s talk about ROI: brands incorporating video content into their ad campaigns are, on average, seeing 27% higher click-through-rates and 34% higher web conversation rates since introducing this medium to their marketing strategy.


Moral of the story is: don’t just tell people what you offer; show us who you are and why we need you.



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