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Are You Listening?


Are You Listening?

Gaining a better understanding of target audiences is a challenge that most agencies face on a daily basis, but thanks to research methods like social listening we now have the ability to uncover insights previously hidden away in the digital conversation.


Companies that work with a limited amount of information, usually based on previous experiences, are missing out on the valuable, unfiltered data that is created on a daily basis around your product or industry.


Gaining this level of visibility is useful to drive long term business decisions like branding and product development. But there are additional ways in which this powerful tactic can be integrated to help drive your campaigns success today.


Here are 3 ways you can leverage social listening to benefit your business:


Customer Avatars:

Using social listening to identifying your target audience is only the first step in the process.

Analyzing the demographic / psychographic profiles of people talking about your product or industry by reviewing their social profiles, topics of interest and more can help you build more robust customer avatars that will help guide your overall marketing focus.


Messaging strategy:

By looking at the unfiltered conversation happening around your product or category, you can uncover some of the hidden motivators and decision drivers that can be leveraged in your messaging strategy. Once you identify these focus points, you can create multiple messaging options to analyze which one resonates most with your audience.


Media strategy:

Through social listening you can also identify the channels where your potential and current customers are having conversations around your product or category. These can range from large scale social networks to niche forums built around your industry which provide a highly receptive audience for you to showcase your message.