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Give Your Right Brain Some Love


Give Your Right Brain Some Love

A long weekend is upon us. After gorging on turkey and tofurky, it’s a great time to treat your right brain to a feast of its own. In New York City, there’s plenty of fodder for a little creative restoration. Here are three ideas:



#1: Take The Blind Tour of MoMA

What’s better than spending an afternoon among the works of Picasso, Rousseau and Chagall? Having art historians and curators break it down for you like you’re totally blind.

Get your audio guide, head toward Rousseau’s “The Dream” (you really could go to any painting but this will give you the best idea of how much detail those of us who are not sight-impaired miss, even with perfect vision). Take a good look at the painting. Then find the number next to the sight impaired symbol (pictured below).

Here’s a peak. Take a listen. Did you even see the snake? These audios give you plenty to consider and begin to train your eye to take in and truly appreciate so much more. Some descriptions are insanely exaggerated though, which is part of the fun. There’s a rather ho-hum, I-could’ve-done-that abstract painting near the main staircase that’s described as being so vibrant, that it jumps off the canvas and dances on the floor! A little cruel to have someone who can’t see think they’re missing out on this marvel that so isn’t – but either way, the descriptions only add to your MoMA experience. 

#2: Go see ‘King Kong’

Don’t roll your eyes. Of course big monkey puppet for 2 hours on Broadway sounds seriously thought-impaired. BUT this show is nothing short of epic.

Watching the 10 people onstage that it takes to manually maneuver the 20-foot, 2000 pound beast is like seeing a ballet within the show. There are some animatronics and apparently 16 microprocessors involved. But the cunning use of video in the background working with the movements of the ape is what really takes you on a wild and thrilling ride, if you’ll allow it. It’s a joy to see how creative people can be in translating a story through different media. And a great inspiration.

Ann Darrow, the damsel in distress has been given a more modern, sassy personality which is refreshing. And in the course of the show, you, the audience, become party to the morbid curiosity that drives the greed of people who go and yank these creatures out of their habitats for just such a spectacle. Shame. SHAME!

Go see it.


#3: Tune yo self

If you want to boost mental clarity, relieve emotional stress, flood your body with love hormones and generally be in prime shape for whatever it is you do, here’s something you can vibe to – sound therapy! Technically, it’s a form of vibroacousitc therapy and it’s being offered at a pop-up from a company called Tune.Studio at the Lululemon Lab in SoHo.

For those of you fearing a walk into woo-woo territory, you have to nothing to learn and nothing you need to believe in. You get to lay down with a set of head phones with some interesting, seemingly Asian-inspired sci-fi-ish tunes (not the official description) and take a nap on a custom bed with built-in speakers to pump that sound frequency through your body.

You can choose your goal for the session, which will determine what you listen to: Brighten, Focus, Create, Energize, Meditate, Cleanse, Recover. Sound and vibration frequencies supposedly move your body from a state of fight-or-flight (you know, your everyday New Yorker mode) to a state of rest-and-recovery.

And it’s $20 for 20 minutes. Can’t beat that with an NYC stick.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a restful, restorative weekend from all of us at Seiden.