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Do or do not: Buying less and being more


Do or do not: Buying less and being more

Minimalism is big. Let’s face it - modern markets are saturated with stuff we don’t necessarily need, or even want until we see it. From the Marie Condo method – pare your belongings down only to what brings you joy – to tiny homes and pre-portioned meal kit services, less is more. In 2018, more brands than ever before catered to consumers seeking experiences over products, abridged over longform. And it’s working.


Some of our favorite examples of minimalist marketing done right:


Airbnb – all about adventure:

Hospitality is an industry built on short-term use. You check in, you eat, you drink, you play, and then you check out. But Airbnb is a brand built on unique, local, personalized experiences that stay with consumers long after the usage period is over. The souvenirs they’re leaving with aren’t keychains and tee shirts – they’re memories. And maybe a few hundred selfies at various famous landmarks.

What’s more, consumers have the option to significantly pare down their amenities, keeping the trip about what they can do, see, eat, and learn.


Apple – the world beyond:

Sure, the goods come with a hefty price tag. But Apple technology is sleek, it’s small, and it’s all about connection. Users can stay in touch family, friends, business, news, and entertainment while staying right where they are. Even if we’re often alone while using them, Apple devices encourage users to experience the world with their senses. And when everything you need is packaged behind one screen, it’s easier to access the experiences you want without all the extra clutter.


Lyft – Go anywhere:

This one’s a given, but it’s worth mentioning. Users can’t actually buy tangible goods from the brand, so they’re limited to what they can get in transit. But Lyft makes it possible to get more than a ride – conversations between strangers can expose riders to new worldviews, get them interested in local events, or even spark new relationships. Ride shares and pools made it easier than even to connect on the road. And, of course, it’s all about travel, the ultimate consumer experience. Lyft is just part of the journey.


Disney – Dream bigger:

The irony here is that so much of the brand’s capital is built on products. But their ethos is really about experiencing the magic of imagination. Children and adults alike love Disney for the characters, the music, the stories, and the parks, all things that can be accessed through personal involvement rather than ownership. Disney is another brand that puts a lot of thought into what users will take away from their purchases, and more often than not, it’s memories rather than physical purchases. The parks are known as “the happiest place[s] on earth” for good reason. You’ve got to experience it to feel it.