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Email Marketing Tips to Take With You in 2019


Email Marketing Tips to Take With You in 2019

As we reflect on the successes of this year, we should also stay mindful of the failures endured. After all, failures are catalysts for strategies that work.


Where did this project go wrong? How could this content be better presented? What key learnings did we gather that would influence better open rates and higher CTR? These are some of the questions that should be asked if your email marketing hasn’t yielded the desired results.

Let’s remember some email marketing trends that were popular but missed the mark on conversion:


1. Headlines that seem “too good to be true” probably are.

It’s okay to grab your consumer’s attention with a catchy headline as long as you can walk the walk! This happens frequently in retail, when consumers open an enewsletter and expect 80% off on all items yet the markdowns only show ~50%. After they realize the headline is misleading, they’ll think twice before opening up your next email.

2. Content that doesn’t speak to you.

Sure, being served a message that talks about environmentally friendly, cozy products is nice. But, what does it mean for a consumer? Although email marketing is a great way to reach a lot of people at once, your mailing list is likely composed of consumers who have previously and continue to interact with your brand. No need to flaunt your product or service if they’re already willing to purchase it. Instead, position your message to speak about how they would benefit by using it.



Critical thinking is an essential part of any strategy; what message do you want to send to consumers and how do you want to present what you say? The voice of your brand should be consistent across media tactics, however, still personalized for each segment of your audience. Language is key when directly interacting with the consumers on your mailing list.

Here are some examples of email marketing that were effective in driving results:

1. As we approach 2019, more and more people look to consume information visually. Especially when the visual is a nice slice of pizza! Video content and gifs have become increasingly popular in email marketing. It’s a nice surprise when you can watch your content instead of reading it.

2. People are creatures of habit. Whether you believe in “free will” or not, we all wake up, get dressed, and come to work day-after-day. Brands that play into the routine of their consumers anticipate higher open rates and CTRs because their consumers know when to expect an eblast and what to expect inside. Double star days? You bet your bottom dollar I’m on the lookout for those.

3. Consumers appreciate a message that’s efficient. If your brand is looking for donations, asking citizens to register to vote, or reminding them to make their yearly doctor’s appointment, include transactional elements in your eblast that drives them directly to a landing page. Get rid of the language asking consumers to visit your website and instead include a link or button that takes them there; in doing so you’ll increase your chances of conversion. (This works so well, most publishers now include a button on their email marketing templates!)




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